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Chile Ristra Season is Coming!

One of our most favorite times of the year is fast approaching and we don’t want you to miss out. Each year around the end of September we receive a delivery of freshly harvested and hand-strung chile ristras from New Mexico. These ristras are in high demand and always sell out quickly. We can’t pre-sell them because the sizes and quantities can vary up until delivery so we encourage you to be on our notification list to receive an email just as soon as they have arrived and are available for purchase.

These ristras are very fresh. If you would like us to ship your ristra we must allow 14 days drying time before it can be shipped safely. Local pickup requires no waiting time.

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Chile Ristras Are Here!

We are so excited that our 2020 fresh Chile Ristra delivery has just arrived. It’s one of our favorite things every year and a much needed bit of “normal”!

Order yours here today while they last because we always sell out. Remember, fresh ristras need drying time before they can be shipped. We’re expecting to begin shipping this year’s ristras around October 20th.

Pequena Chile Wreath-0We also have a limited number of Pequene Chile Wreaths. Call for availability and pricing. 970-259-5811.